School Clubs, Groups and Societies


There are a lot of clubs, teams and groups that children can get involved with within the school. The follow gives a list of these, when they meet, and who is in charge.

Art Club

Various art techniques and opportunities to create.


S1 Art Club

Fridays, 12.45-1.15pm, Art Room 21

Contact Miss Cadden


S1-S3 Art Club

Thursdays, 3.00-4.00pm, Art Room 20

Contact Mrs Reid

Chess Club

Come along and learn to play chess and take part in competitions.

Open to all, including staff.

Wednesdays, Lunchtime, Dinner Hall.

Contact Mr Sands

Eco Club

All aspiring eco-warriors welcome.

Open to all.

Wednesdays, 1.00pm, Art Room 19.

Contact Mrs Mitchem




Girls - Senior and Junior

Tuesday, 4.00-5.00pm, Astroturf

Contact Miss Gibson


S1 Boys

Tuesday, 4.00-5.00pm, Astroturf

Contact Mr Sands


S2 Boys

Tuesday, 4.00-5.00pm, Astroturf

Contact Mr Kee


S2,3,4 Boys

Tuesday, 4.00-5.00pm, Astroturf

Contact Mr Knox

Stained Glass Art Club

Learn how to make stained glass objects

Open to S1-S2

Mondays, Lunchtime, Art Room 20

Contact Mrs Donaghy

Help with Homework Club

Help with your homework, or space and time to do it.

Open to all.

Wednesday, 3.00-4.00pm, Room 212

Contact Miss Merrilees

Badminton Club

Learn how to play and take part in competitions


Wednesday, Lunchtime, Games Hall

Contact Miss Gibson

Basketball Club

Play the game and take part in tournaments

Open to all

Thursday, Lunchtime, Games Hall

Contact Mr McKelvie & Sports Leaders

Netball Club

Play the game and participate in tournaments


Monday, 4.00-5.00pm, Games Hall

Contact Mrs Cains


Running/Walking Club

Open to all, especially beginners

Wednesday, 3.00pm onwards, Meet at Hayshed

Contact Mr Quinn

Golf Club

Learn how to play and take part at Bogside Golf Club


Thursday lunchtime- PE; Thursday after school - Technical Dept.

Contact Mr Robertson

Technical Craft Club


Make models using various craft materials

Friday lunchtime in Technical Department

Contact Mr Robertson

Trading Card Club


Open to all

Tuesday, 4.00pm, English Department


Free Breakfast Club

Open to all

Enjoy a free breakfast and some company in the morning

Every morning 8.00-8.45 am


Early Morning Circuits

Excerciuse and training in the gym.

Open to all

Thursday and Friday, 7.30am - Boys' Gym


Graphic Novel Club

Read and talk about different graphic novels

Open to all

Thursday lunchtime - English department


Volleyball Club

Play volleyball for fun

Open to all

Monday lunchtime - Games Hall



Play the game

S1-S3 Tuesday      S4-6 Friday

Games Hall


Music Clubs

A variety of clubs with emphasis on different instruments, etc.

Open to all, but see below

S3-S6 Instrumental Pracise - Monday-Friday, 12.55 and after school

Brass and Woodwind Ensemble - Tuesday, 12.55 - Room 31

Keyboard Club - Tuesday 12.55 - Room 31

Senior Girls' Quoir - Wednesday, after school - Room 33

Junior Singing Club - Thursday, 12.55 - Room 33

Music Theatre - Thursday, after school - Room 33

String Group - Friday, 12.55 - Room 31


Variety of fitness techniques

S5-6 Girls

Fitness Suite

Contact Sports Leaders