S2 Geography

During the 6/7 week block, pupils will undertake the topic ‘Death and Disaster’, where they will look at a variety of natural disasters, including volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes.  Pupils will develop their knowledge through case studies and will become global citizens, showing empathy for others.  They will enhance their team work and problem solving skills.


S3 Geography 

In S3, pupils will build their local, national and international knowledge by learning about three key topics:-

In Settlement, pupils will learn about the different functions and zones of cities across the globe and will have the opportunity to build their own city in groups, using their knowledge.  They will enhance their understanding of local issues by examining the growth of Irvine and Glasgow.

In the Kenya unit, pupils will learn what life is like for people living in this country, and be able to make comparisons to their own lives.  Pupils will learn about the Masaai tribe, safaris, coral reefs and ecotourism.

In the Water unit, pupils will learn about river, land use conflicts and management, water related diseases, wild weather, flooding and environmental issues, such as plastics in our oceans.


National 4/5

Pupils will undertake the following three units when studying National 4 or 5:-

Physical Environments – Glaciated uplands, coastal landscapes and weather

Human Environments – Population, Development, Urban and Rural

Global Issues – Global Climate Change and Health (malaria, heart disease and HIV/Aids)

Pupils will develop their map and analysis skills, and will be required to undertake field work to achieve their assignment.



Pupils will undertake the following three units when studying Higher:-

Physical Environments – Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

Human Environments – Urban, Rural and Population

Global Issues – Global Climate Change and Development and Health (malaria)

Pupils will also be assessed on the Application of Skills, where they will use their map and analysis skills to argue for or against a particular scenario.