The Library is situated on the ground floor near the front entrance and school office. It is housed in a bright, airy space with ample shelving, seating and computers.

The Library is open all day from 9am to 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4pm on Friday. It is open every day at lunchtime and after school, so that pupils can do homework, study, use the computers or simply sit and read.

The Library is staffed by an experienced chartered librarian. The aim is to facilitate learning and teaching by providing appropriate resources, and encouraging their use. An important aim is to improve literacy by fostering a love of reading for pleasure. Careers resources are available. Information literacy is encouraged by promoting learning skills. The Library provides all pupils with access to information and helps to develop learning skills.

Pupils can borrow books for up to 4 weeks, after which they can be renewed if require .Pupils and staff are encouraged to request books to be purchased for the Library.

The Library is an environment where pupils feel safe and secure, and well supported in their learning.