Mr R Oliphant – Faculty Head of Mathematics & Computing

Miss L Hamilton – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr I Jeffrey – Teacher of Computing & Mathemaitcs

Mrs L Long – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr F McNiff – Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs N Mann – Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs S Murray – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Sands – Teacher of Computing & Mathematics

Miss O Myers – Probationer Teacher of Mathematics

Supported Study


Wednesday 3-3.45, N5 Maths, Room 213, Mr McNiff

Thursday 3-3.45, N5 Maths, Room 214, Miss Hamilton

Thursday 3-3.45, Higher Maths, Room 201, Mrs Long

Extra-Curricular Activities


Darts Club, S1-S2, every ODD Friday in room 213

Darts Club, S3-S6, every EVEN Friday in room 213

Contact Mr McNiff to book a space.



Mathematics is one of the core subjects for all pupils in S1 to S4. Although Mathematics is not compulsory in S5 and S6, many students continue their study of mathematics to gain qualifications to equip them for life, further learning and the world of work.


Our main departmental aim is to prepare students to become successful learners and confident individuals and enable them to take their place in society, by providing them with the mathematical skills and numerical skills required to do so.




The department provides jotters and various other equipment and resources for use in and out of class, but all pupils are expected to bring a pencil and have their own calculator.




We encourage pupils to participate in mathematical activities/competitions including:-


Scottish Mathematical Challenge

United Kingdom Maths Challenge (S1 to S4)

North Ayrshire Council Enterprising Maths Competition

Sumdog Competitions

World Maths Day

IET Faraday Challenge.