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Course Overview

The Higher Course in Mathematics develops learners’ mathematical rigour and the ability to use precise and concise mathematical language assumes a particular importance at this stage.

Candidates who complete a Higher Mathematics course successfully are expected to have a competence and a confidence in applying mathematical techniques, manipulating symbolic expressions and communicating with mathematical correctness in the solution of problems.

The course has obvious relevance for candidates with interests in fields such as commerce, engineering and science where the mathematics learned will be put to direct use.

Recommended Entry
National 5 Mathematics pass at A – C.
Course Outline

Unit 1

Functions and Graphs; Exponentials and Logarithms; Trigonometric Expressions; Vectors

Unit 2

Polynomials; Trigonometry Equations; Differentiation; Integration; 


Unit 3

Straight Line; Circles; Recurrence Relations; Further Differentiation and Integration; Further Trigonometry 

Course Assessment

This course is assessed and graded (A-D) with an end of course examination set by SQA in the exam diet in May.




Homework plays a vital role in the successful completion of the course. Pupils will be expected to complete all set homework, and organise their time to revise topics regularly. Self study skills are important when embarking on a National Qualification course. A scientific calculator is also required for this course.




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