Higher Physical Education

The Higher Physical Education (PE) course broadens and deepens through time the knowledge you acquired at National 5. It is divided in to two different components: performance and exam. Each of these components contributes 50% to your overall grade. 



 The performance component of the course involves you being assessed in two different activities. Both of these performances will be assessed on a 1-off basis: how you perform on the day determines your score. Each performance is assessed out of 30 marks. You will be assessed against the following criteria. 

The exam component assesses you’re theoretical knowledge and understanding of course content. You will be required to build and expand your knowledge of the four factors from National 5. 


Questions in the exam will evolve around how these factors can impact performance as well as the different ways they can be taken through the Cycle of Analysis. 


The exam is out of 50 marks and is divided into three different sections. 


Section 1: this section is out of 32 marks and can test your knowledge on any aspect of the course. 

Section 2: this section is between 6-10 marks and will test your knowledge on two development plans you completed. 

Section 3: this section is between 8-12 marks and will test your knowledge through a scenario.