Google Classroom Codes


Click here to access Google Classroom Codes for classes across the school. Pupils will then be able to sign up to the classes.

Help during Coronavirus times

The following guidelines may be of use:

Learning at Home During Lockdown

Learning at Home in Lockdown

Online Safety

Securing your devices

Remote Learning


This page contains links to other sites as well as information relevant to Irvine Royal Academy. It will be useful to pupils and parents during periods of lockdown, or when pupils may have to self-isolate at other times.

Live Lesson Timetable


A selection of teachers and/or subjects offer live lessons or check-ins. The following links take you to specific timetables for each year group. This informaiton is usually updated on a Monday:







Masterclass and Easter School pupil lists


The school is offering some master classes on a Friday and Virtual Easter School classes.

Password required to access these pages - you will be sent a text message to inform you of this if it is relevant to your child.

Click HERE to access these pages.


Covid Tests for Senior Pupils attending Practical Classes in Schools

- frequently asked questions


Click HERE to access guidelines and information on Lateral Flow Testing at Home

Virtual Q & A - Friday 26 February


Click here for more information

Other Support


Using Scholar - information for parents and carers

Lockdown Advice for Parents

Using Google Classroom Tutorials


Click the link above to access tutorials on how to work on Google Classroom.

Alternatively, click the relevant link shown below for a particular tutorial:

  1. Submitting Work on Google Classroom
  2. How to Access Google Classroom

Arran House Check-In times


S1 Arran House PSE Wellbeing Check In - Wednesdays at 11am.

S2 Arran House PSE Wellbeing Check In - Mondays at 2.15pm.
S3 Arran House PSE Wellbeing Check In - Wednesdays at 12pm.
S4 Arran House PSE Wellbeing Check In - Mondays at 1.30pm.
S5 Arran House PSE Wellbeing Check In - Tuesdays at 12pm.

S6 Arran House PSE Wellbeing Check In - Mondays at 11am.